Spiritual Coaching

Calmness and power to stand strong in your own light

What is Spiritual Coaching?

As an essential part of working with the individual client, it is important to be able to support Energy Healing with Spiritual Coaching, which I also call Spiritual Alchemy. It is the science of spiritual enlightenment and inner liberation.

It is about transformation and change. About helping you free your spiritual self, freeing you from your inner wounds, your beliefs, your lack of connection to your soul and other self-destructive patterns within you. The goal is that you can live your life in freedom and flow. As a Spiritual Alchemist, I see you first and foremost as the one you are deep inside, I see your soul.

The price for 1 x Energy Healing & Spiritual Coaching in 90 min. is DKK 1,150 incl. VAT

Spiritual & Personal Development Course

Through a Spiritual & Personal Development course, I can help you further in your development - spiritually and personally.

The Spiritual & Personal Development course includes:

1 x Soul Reading session of 60 min.

6 x Energy Healing & Spiritual Coaching of 90 min.

The price for the entire course is DKK 6,900,- incl. VAT

Here you are seen and understood as who YOU are. As a soul and as a human being. YYou get the healing and the messages you need exactly where you are. The goal is for you to learn to be guided by your Higher Self. It gives you peace and power to stand strong and comfortable being you in your own light, so you can choose the right path for you.

How do you get started?

You just book a session of “Spiritual & Personal Development Course” on the “BOOK NOW” button below and I will be looking forward to working with you.