Soul Reading

Insight and clarity to choose the right path for you in life

What is Soul Reading?


In an esoteric Soul Reading, I read your energy and feel your soul. I see you as who YOU are. As a soul and as a human being. It gives you a deeper energetic perspective. What is your deeper purpose? What is it that characterizes your soul, your consciousness, the psychology that unfolds in you?

It is an accurate reading of your energy structures. Esoterics is about the inner psychology. How is your energetic dynamics? What is your soul purpose? An esoteric Soul Reading gives you a deeper insight, clarity and guidance, so you are stronger to choose the right path in life for you.

Prisen for 1 x Soul Reading (60 min.) er
kr. 950,- inkl. moms

What about Clairvoyance?


I was born clairvoyant, clairsentient and claircognizant. I have always been able to feel other people and knew intuitively what they needed. It has always been a natural part of me and therefore I became curious about ”why” and ”how”.

This led me to take the training course to Clairvoyant Counselor with Sebbastian Lorantius, who gave me a greater understanding of my own abilities and how I help the individual client in the best way. During the training, however, I had a clear sense that what I was giving to the clients was not a classic clairvoyance. But something far deeper - a direct contact with the soul - with the client’s soul essence. I have developed my abilities and my understanding since then and can now more precisely define what I do. I’m an esoteric Soul Reader.

Clairvoyance Session

What does esoteric mean?


Esotericism is a spiritual, energetic psychology and a spiritual philosophy of life. The word esoteric itself means ”inner”. An esoteric understanding is an inner, underlying understanding of things. It is a cause-related understanding and not a surface-related understanding. It is about the inner meaning and the deeper purpose.

An esoteric perception of things shifts focus from the outside and towards the core - your soul. It is a spiritually based, conscious soul insight into you, as a soul and as a human being, but also collectively in the world.

Soul Reading for 2


Get even closer in your relationship as friends, soul mates or as a couple with a "Soul Reading for 2". A session, where you as individuals will gain new perspectives on your life, the interaction between you and the other person, your feelings, your body and mind. We shift focus from the outside and towards the core - your soul. It´s a spiritually based, conscious soul insight into you, as a soul and as a human being and into your relationship. The little extra you get is, that you can support each other in the future in a new way with even greater understanding and love.

The longterm friends, Laila and Ulla, share their experience:
"It was a really good and rewarding session, which has really given us food for thought. The session has helped to open our eyes to some of the challenges we have, and given us the opportunity to see these in a different light as well as finding other approaches to solving these challenges. It provides a greater insight into one’s reaction patterns and actions in different situations in life. Both in past situations and in situations that will come in the future. Our friendship has always been close and intimate, we have been friends for more than 30 years - and our relationship has only been strengthened by our session together.

We will recommend this session to others, but it is absolutely essential, that you know each other very well and have 100 % confidentiality and trust - and that you really have respect for what you hear and experience, both about yourself, but especially also for what you hear about "the other". Everything can come out in the open and it can also be very emotional, and you have to be willing to share that with each other…. Therefore, it is important that you are not "new" friends, but know each others strengths and weaknesses in advance. It has been an advantage for us to share our session, because we have been able to talk about it afterwards.”

Prisen for 1 x Soul Reading for 2 (90 min.) er
kr. 1.500,- inkl. moms

“I can highly recommend the super competent and sharp Christina! I am proud that she is one of my former students, who is also on my website, under the page with some of my trained clairvoyant counselors / consultants, whom I recommend. ”

Sebbastian Lorantius

Clairvoyant medium, healer and hypnotist

Anmeldelse af en Soul Reading:

“The woman who got me back on trail again after life had once again brutally shaken me around. Thank you for opening my eyes and getting me guided on the right track again. Got my eyes opened to what I well knew, but failed to change. If you need a guide and you´re standing somewhere in life where you need a loving kick, then you have ended up with the best! Thank you for making the world a better place.”

Sandra Rasmussen

Master Coach and certified Me-Mover instructor

Anmeldelse af en “Soul Reading for 2”:

“Det var en rigtig god og brugbar session, som virkelig har givet stof til eftertanke.
Soul Reading for 2, har været med til at åbne øjnene op for nogle af de udfordringer vi har, og givet os mulighed for at se dem på en anden måde samt finde andre tilgange til løsning af disse udfordringer. Det giver en større indsigt i ens reaktionsmønstre og handlemåder i forskellige situationer i livet. Både i situationer, der har været og i situationer, der vil komme fremover.

Vores venskab har altid været tæt og fortroligt, vi har været veninder i mere end 30 år – og vores relation er kun blevet styrket af vores session sammen.

Vi anbefaler det til andre – men det er absolut altafgørende, at man har et godt kendskab til hinanden – har 100 % fortrolighed og tillid – og at man virkelig har respekt for det, man hører og erfarer, både om sig selv, men især også for det, man hører om ”den anden”. Alt kan komme frem og det kan også blive meget følelsesladet, og det skal man være indstillet på at dele med hinanden.
Derfor er det vigtigt, at man ikke er ”nye” veninder, men kender hinandens stærke og svage sider i forvejen. Det har været en fordel for os at dele vores session, bl.a. fordi vi har kunnet snakke sammen om den bagefter.”
Ulla og Laila


Anmeldelse af en “Online Soul Reading”:

“Efter en fantastisk Soul Reading – online på Zoom –  hos Christina, står jeg tilbage med en oplevelse af at blive klogere på mig selv, og med en mere klar retning for den kommende tid og med flere steder, hvor jeg kan gribe fat i mig selv og arbejde videre og udvikle mig.

Christina forstår at mærke efter og se mig, igennem mine facader. Jeg fik mange budskaber og alt gav mening for mig og var noget jeg kunne tage med mig videre.

Christinas formidling opleves utrolig kærlig og omsorgsfuld, og selv lidt sværere budskaber, som kan handle om en dyb indsigt, bliver formidlet på fineste vis.

En utrolig stor og god oplevelse og en kæmpe gave at give sig selv. Jeg kan varmt anbefale Christina og ser frem til at vende tilbage…”



Anmeldelse af et 1:1 forløb med Soul Reading, Energy Healing & Spiritual Coaching:


After being single and being on my own, I slowly withdrew into myself. I have always had challenges understanding and believing in myself and as the year went by I started thinking more about it. I meet Christina, whom I known for many years and when I found out that she was a healer, I didn´t hesitate one second, I had to try it.

I have never been able to open up to anyone, but with Christina it was so easy and liberating, especially when she can read you as an open book. I have gained so much help and self-understanding, so now I feel content with myself and are able to reflect, given the tools that Christina provided. Today I acknowledge that without Christina, I would not be where I am now.

She told me, that there was someone special waiting for me. That was true, but I had to realize that myself. Christina has really helped me to a WONDERFUL life with love, family and friends.

She has opened me up to who I really am inside, so that I fully understand it myself. I am still new to this change, but I have Christina to help me, when my mind needs some healing.

Thank you, Christina

I will highly recommend Christina. She is with you all the way.

Frederik Tevil

Quality Technician

Anmeldelse af en “Online Soul Reading”:

“Tak for en meget fin Soul Reading!

Jeg oplever at blive set og hørt på et sjæleligt niveau! Tydeliggørelse af den tilstand, jeg befinder mig i og meget fine og brugbare løsningsforslag og ikke mindst meget fine terapeutiske budskaber fra den anden side!! Så tusind tak for det!!

Jeg føler jeg har fået understreget mit livsformål (kanalisering af bl.a. bøger) og fået konkrete anvisninger på, hvordan jeg kan få det ført endnu mere ud i livet, det er jeg meget taknemmelig over!!

Så tak, kære Christina!”