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Soul Reader


Jeg er født clairvoyant, clairsentient og claircognizant. Som barn havde jeg svært ved at forstå, hvad det var, jeg kunne. Men efterhånden, som jeg blev ældre, har den åndelige verden skubbet på, for at det spirituelle skulle fylde mere i mit liv. Jeg har altid kunnet mærke andre mennesker og vidste intuitivt, hvad de havde brug for.

It has been a natural part of me and therefore I became curious about ”why” and ”how”. This led to me going on a spiritual retreat with Rikke Hertz on Bornholm and it kickstarted my spiritual development journey. Later, I took the training course for Clairvoyant Counselor at Sebbastian Lorantius, which gave me a greater understanding of my own abilities and how I can help the individual client in the best way possible. During the training, however, I had a clear sense that what I was giving to the clients was not a classic clairvoyance. But something far deeper - a direct contact with the soul - with the client's soul essence.

I have developed my abilities and my understanding since then and can now more precisely define what I do. I'm an esoteric Soul Reader. In an esoteric Soul Reading, I read your energy and feel your soul. I see you as who YOU are. As a soul and as a human being. It gives you a deeper energetic perspective. What is your deeper purpose? What is it that characterizes your soul, your consciousness, the psychology that unfold in you? It is an accurate reading of your energy structures. Esoterics is about the inner psychology. How is your energetic dynamics? What is your soul purpose? A Soul Reading gives you a deeper insight, clarity and guidance so that you feel stronger to choose the right path in life for you.

What does esoteric mean?


Esotericism is a spiritual, energetic psychology and a spiritual philosophy of life. The word esoteric itself means ”inner”. An esoteric understanding is an inner, underlying understanding of things. It is a cause-related understanding and not a surface-related understanding.

It is about the inner meaning and the deeper purpose. An esoteric perception of things shifts focus from the outside and towards the core - your soul. It is a spiritually based, conscious soul insight into you, as a soul and as a human being, but also collectively in the world.

Energy Healer


I was born a healer and am a trained Reiki Master Healer at Paloma Zendings and as an Angel Healer at Marzcia Techau and I work with the deeper energy contexts within healing. I am constantly developing my abilities in healing and have overall chosen to define my healing as Energy Healing, because I see and feel everything as energy. Everything is energy. We all consist of energy. During an Energy Healing with me, there is a fusion of body, mind and soul, so you as a client feel centered and comfortable being you. You get the healing and the messages you need exactly where you are. It gives you calmness and power to stand strong to choose the right way for you in life.

Spiritual Coach


What is Spiritual Coaching? As an essential part of working with the individual client, it is important to be able to support Energy Healing with Spiritual Coaching, I also call it Spiritual AlchemyIt is the science of spiritual enlightenment and inner liberation. It is about transformation and change. About helping you free your spiritual self, freeing you from your inner wounds, your beliefs, your lack of connection to your soul and other self-destructive patterns within you. The goal is that you can live your life in freedom and flow. As a Spiritual Alchemist, I see you first and foremost as the one you are deep inside, I see your soul.

Kundalini & Spiritual Awakening Mentor

Når jeg arbejder med klienter, der gennemgår en spirituel opvågning eller kundalini rejsning bruger jeg mine egne erfaringer sammen med den kanaliserede spirituelle coaching og healing til at støtte og hjælpe klienten bedst muligt. Jeg har selv gået vejen og kan derfor mærke ind og facilitere præcis dét, klienten har brug for. En spirituel opvågning eller en kundalini rejsning kan være en udfordrende og smertefuld psykisk og fysisk udvikling, som kan være svær at forstå og gå igennem på egen hånd. Derfor kan det være en god idé at have en mentor, der kan guide og støtte hele vejen. Lige nu er der er flere og flere mennesker, der vågner op til en større sandhed om Universet og om sig selv. At vågne op er at turde at se sig selv og verden på en ny måde, der gavner os alle.

 My background


I have a creative background, and I have worked for many years as a graphic designer, both in the advertising industry and later in the machine industry and I am also a trained adult educator. I continue to focus on strengthening my spiritual work and development through studies and workshops, spiritual journeys, networking, power sitting, working in spiritual circles and through daily meditation. It is also important for me to prioritize some of my time channeling universal healing in my spiritual healing paintings, Spiritual Healing Art by Christina Svenningsen