Trance healing

Universal life energy for natural healing
Trance healing is universal life energy - directly from the spiritual world

Trance Healing is universal life energy

Your physical well-being

Your mental and emotional state

Your soul and spiritual balance

Directly from the spiritual world

Trance healing is a very powerful kind of healing, where the healing comes directly from the spiritual world, and healing is done on a deeper level. I will, as a healing medium, act solely as a channel so that spiritual guides and specialists can work directly on the client in this way.

Healing can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally, but healing is only being done on what you are ready to receive right now.

Everyone can benefit from this kind of healing because the treatment works based on what you need right now. During this form of healing, I have no influence on what will be healed. It is the spiritual world that decides what is to be healed and there will, from the spiritual world, basically be work on causes and not symptoms.

How does a treatment take place?

A treatment takes place by you lying fully clothed on a couch under a warm blanket and I will sit on a chair next to the couch. As a healing medium, I will be in a state of trance during the treatment. By trance is meant that I am in a changed state of consciousness and the spiritual world works through me and I act as a channel for healing.

After the treatment, we talk about your experience of healing and I tell you what the spiritual world has been working on during the healing.

A treatment takes approx. 60 min.

“I can warmly recommend healing with Christina. Super competent, loving and very professional approach. I got rid of old tensions and got peace and ease. Thanks Christina ”

Pia Skovsgaard

Coach and personal development. Psychotherapy

"I have several times had my body, mind and soul for “recharging” with Christina and can warmly recommend her healing treatment, that feels like being marinated in safety and deep peace. Although it takes me a while to surrender to the treatment and let go of the clutter of thoughts, I have always had the feeling of having arrived as a dried out, faded bush and walked away like a nourished, solid, large and strong oak. Christina’s way of being is so nice, heartly and very professional. ”

Charlotte Ingvartsen