Energy Healing

Universal life energy for natural healing
Energy Healing is a fusion of your body, mind and soul


Energy Healing - what is that?

During the healing, your body, mind and soul merge, so that you feel centered and comfortable being you.

Most diseases and health problems are rooted in stagnant energy, imbalances and blockages in the energy body. During the healing I feel the energies and what it is, your body is trying to communicate, so that the energetic causes of us getting sick are healed. When the life energy flows freely, your body’s own wisdom and self-healing abilities are activated, which provide physical and emotional health on all levels.

Boosts your immune system and raises your energy level significantly

Promotes deep relaxation and relieves stress symptoms, thoughts and insomnia

Removes both physical and mental blockages in the body

Provides pain relief and relieves infections and chronic conditions

Strengthens your body’s natural healing

Cleanses your body of unnecessary toxins

Releases anxiety and even deep trauma

Relieves muscle tension and promotes healing after injuries

Supports medical procedures and reduces side effects

Relieves allergy symptoms and hay fever

Strengthens your spiritual and personal development

Activates your body’s own wisdom and self-healing abilities

Your spiritual development

Healing is also a great help in your spiritual and personal development. During healing, your body, mind and soul merge, so that you feel centered and feel comfortable being you. Maybe you have just opened up spiritually and have a hard time understanding yourself in the spiritual way you see and perceive the world. Or you are born spiritually open and can not quite accommodate being spiritual and feeling everything around you. I can assist you with that, with the help of Energy Healing & Spiritual Coaching. Here you are seen as who YOU are. As a soul - as a human being. You get the healing and the messages you need exactly where you are. It gives you calmness to stand strong in your own light.

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Is healing for everyone?

Energy Healing is for you, who want to work with yourself to get better in body, mind and soul. Maybe your soul is tormented or you are overwhelmed by thoughts and the feeling of not being good enough. When your body, mind and soul are not merged and out of balance, it can be felt both physically and mentally. Healing gives you the balance to be able to accommodate and love yourself.


If you are pregnant, you can easily and safely get healing. It gives you peace of mind, body and soul, pain relief and relieves the muscle tension that often accompanies a pregnancy.


Children also greatly enjoy healing. There are many children who have difficulty and struggle with low self-esteem and restlessness in body, mind and soul. Energy Healing can give them peace and balance in body and mind and an increased self-esteem. At the same time, they get a break from being ”on” all the time on social media and just enjoy being in the now.

Children are more susceptible to healing, therefore the treatment time is usually shorter for children. A treatment takes approx. 30 min. depending on the age of the child.

How does a treatment take place?

A treatment takes place by you lying fully clothed on a couch under a warm blanket and then I will place my hands gently in different places on your body where it is needed. As a healer, during the healing I will draw universal life energy through to you and the energies will flow in exactly the amounts you need and the energies will find the places in the body, where the imbalances are.

After the treatment we talk about your experience of the healing and I will tell you what I have felt along the way. You will also be given tools to move forward in the direction that is right for you.

A treatment takes approx. 60 min.

"I can warmly recommend healing with Christina. Super competent, loving and very professional approach. I got rid of old tensions and got peace and ease. Thanks Christina ”

Pia Skovsgaard

Coach and personal development. Psychotherapy

"I have several times had my body, mind and soul for “recharging” with Christina and can warmly recommend her healing treatment, that feels like being marinated in safety and deep peace. Although it takes me a while to surrender to the treatment and let go of the clutter of thoughts, I have always had the feeling of having arrived as a dried out, faded bush and walked away like a nourished, solid, large and strong oak. Christina’s way of being is so nice, heartly and very professional. ”

Charlotte Ingvartsen